The Home and History Of Angel en Provence

Provence—the hometown of natural beauty and heaven of flowers and grass, fosters an outstanding chemical doctor and botanist—Gilles le Bret. Nourished in the environment of fresh air and natural fragrance, people there are born to be enthusiastic for plants and talented for its research. Gilles le Bret is a typical one among them. He witnesses the magic of how his mother takes advantage of the nature to keep her youth and beauty. At the beginning of 1958, Gilles le Bret set up a technical laboratory locally with aim at researching the benefits that the botanic extract works on human body and its hair cell.

Untill the year 1965, in order to adopt the results got from the research to the products themselves, Gilles le Bret formally found DANCOLY COSMETIQUE, specializes in manufacturing a series of cosmetics pure for its botanic extracted texture. Four years later, the DANCOLY SPA series were initially launch out as the first brand formulated with botanic extract and oil. Its moderate formulation and magic botanic therapy with types for different hair texture fulfill the needs for each hair requirement, leaving the hair healthy and fresh, all contributing to the big success gained by the consume market. As a result, it forms a fixed base for the further development of DANCOLY.

However, Gilles le Bret didn’t stop his steps forward, instead, he spent more time and energy on further research and innovation about the products. In the year of 1980, Gilles le Bret discovered that the deep-sea plants essence extracted from deep-sea seaweeds and various biological active ingredients has amazing repairing effect on withered and yellow hair. He immediately invited his friend George Girartin—the top hair styling designer in France to join his team. Based on two people’s concerted effort, DANCOLY COSMETIQUE released ANGEL series two years later. Soon after its face to the market and based on its amazing function and perfect quality, ANGEL series quickly arose attention of hair beauty field and caused a hot discussion among them. From then on, DANCOLY COSMETIQUE constantly widen its brand lines and perfect its marketing, leading ANGEL series to step into the top-ranking brands in France.

With the development of DANCOLY COSMETIQUE and its layout for international expansion, since 1998, Dancoly has began its step for building up a global brand. Up to the end of 2010, DANCOLY products have already been distributed to more than fifty countries, gaining a common appreciation and recommendation from hairdressers globally.

Source: DancolyWebsite