Going for The Chop

Some of us enjoy the thought of long flowing locks blowing freely in the breeze, but without a team of groomers, this look can be so impractical. Instead we often go for the practical and functional short hair pixie look. And if you have a face like Audrey Hepburn you’ll look really good!
Who doesn’t love short hair for its easy care and easy wear? You are up in the morning and there’s virtually nothing to do. Those long strands are gone and no longer get in your way on a windy day! But beware – not everyone suits short hair and there’s a myriad of sites available on the net to show how to test yourself for short hair compatibility. We found one which has a quick and easy face measuring test that may give you an idea whether short hair is right for you or not. The Style.com website’s advice is:
“Try the 2.25 Rule—a trick devised by hair legend John Frieda. ‘John studied faces and discovered that the angle of the jawbone determine whether someone would look best with short hair or long hair,’ explained Giles Robinson, international training director for Color Wow and senior stylist at Frieda’s London locations. Here, the pro explains how a ruler and a pencil can save you from making a hair mistake.

  1. Place a pencil horizontally under your chin.
  2. Next, hold a ruler vertically below your ear.
  3. Take the measurement where the two intersect (i.e., the distance between your earlobe and the base of your chin).
  4. Is your measurement longer than 2.25 inches (about 5.5 cms)? Think twice about losing your length. If the distance is less than 2.25 inches (similar to the proportions of the legendary Audrey Hepburn), then short hair is likely a good fit.

But as is often said in beauty, rules are meant to be broken. If you’re itching for a change or simply want some relief from blowing out your hair come summer, take the plunge and opt for a chop. The best thing about hair: It always grows back”.

For more info check out: http://www.style.com/beauty/hair/2015/short-hair-measuring-trick