When should a girl curl or not curl?

Dove cosmetics recently started a media campaign to get women in America to love their curls. Research showed only 10% of women love their curls and only 4 out 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful

Fashion goes in cycles and there is now a swing back to the curly hair style. Curls are back. However women should take thought before digging out the curling iron from the closet. Curls can create volume so the volume must suit the shape of your face. Curls will add volume to a thin face. Think Julia Roberts. Do you want that volume to frame your face? Will curls lift, open or close your face? Do curls suit your life style? A ‘pretty young thing’ can still look good with a wind blown mass of curls.

Check out the Hair Makeover on this site http://www.instyle.com/makeover to see if you would suit curls or not.