Brelil from Italy, Hair Colour

THE NEW COLORIANNE ESSENCE COLORIANNE ESSENCE: pure essence of colour. The progresses in both science and technology are speeding up their rhythm; evolution has turned into everyday normality and involves all the sectors by now. Also the segment of oxidation dyes, the most important market in the world of hairstyling, is not exempt from this trend. Today, most of the women choose to dye their hair to cover grey hair; however simply covering it does not satisfy their expectations. They require a treatment conveying also brilliance, fun and a trendy look, but what’s most important, they pay a higher attention to the composition of the product. Therefore, Belil introduces Colorianne Essence, a revolutionary hair dye which contains no Ammonia, no Resorcin, no Paraphenylenediamine and no Parabens. A pure, vibrant and bright color that you have never tried before. – See more at:

Brelil Videos

Enjoy these two videos from Brelil Studio both featuring a very classy male hair stylist who is quite entertaining! The first video is quite short and shows some nice styling and scenery. The second video is from a Trade Seminar for Brelil product and although its a little longer it’s worth hanging in for the neat surprise ending!